What is the true meaning of love and being in love?

*Love is a feeling, an emotion that cannot be explained. Either you feel it or you don’t. We call it ‘love’ because there is no explanation for it. It is not a rational, predetermined action. When you can’t rationalize that feeling then you call it love.

*The person who said– You love somebody if you care for them more than you care for yourself. You love somebody when you would rather make them happy then your self happy– you were absolutely right. Love can be described by that. If your own wants and needs dont matter to you as long as that person is okay, than that is true love

* True love is when one cares about someone else’s well being as much as one cares about one’s own. Making someone else happy is certainly important, and yet one’s own happiness in addition to that and as a result of that is what genuinely is true. True love stands together in equality and balance to what is honest, true and caring and not only about romantic love. It is a kindness of heart, soul, and mind. True love can be definited and is also a given, known and reciprocated when two people “share” in it.

* == On a darkest night
looking to the Stars
I asked to the Hights:
What love is? Where love is?
A sweet voice I heard
coming from the Sky:
“Just look for it, you will find it…”
To the Stars I claimed:
“Thousand times I’ve tried…:
Love there is not, illusion is just”
Then a radiant light
from the Heights flashed down
it brighted me up,
Love has been seeing by me:
Love is an inner Force
emanated from hearts:
it’s a noble Virtue
given to us by God…
I kneelled down, of joy I have cried:
and I thanked God for this Wonder Love…! ==


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